Spanischool selects families to host the students in an area within a three mile radious from the location of the school.

The families are chosen after conducting an interview in which they show their interest in hosting the student. These families are characterized by its great hospitality.

The families will open their home and share with the students the Spanish language, culture, traditions and at the same time, these families are also eager to learn more about the American culture and what you can share with them. It is truly an enriching experience for all!

The houses have been previously visited in order to ensure that they meet the necessary conditions for the comfort of the student.

The family will provide the learner, at least, three meals a day, laundry service and single or shared room with another child in the house.

The family will have the student involved in their daily activities for the total linguistic and cultural immersion. These are families who only speak Spanish, so that the practice of the language is fully guaranteed.

There is a 24-hour telephone number for any type of emergency. In this sense, all the members of Spanishcool dominate perfectly the English language so you can contact us when you wish.