Spanishcool designs tailor-made courses with small groups, and that are customized to the needs of each student.

We have teachers with postgraduate studies in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and a wide experience in teaching.

In our classes we use a communicative method that allows the student to enjoy the lesson and learn in a logical way, accompanied by activities of extra academic training that are the best complement to the acquisition of a second language through the experience.

Spanishcool classrooms are fully equipped with the necessary audiovisual media and technologies for learning.

Spanishcool will give the students written and oral tests to determine the level of the student at his/her arrival.

Spanishcool ensures that the courses taught are exclusive. All members of the staff focus their attention on each of the students and an assessment is made in order to analyze the goals that the student has achieved at the end of the course.

Spanishcool integrates in their lines of work the respect for the diversity of the students. Therefore, we count on the appropriate resources and methodology in order to help all our students to achieve the expected performance.

The program of classes and activities is based on key values such as effort, responsibility, companionship, group-work and self-esteem, combining knowledge, adventure, sport, and fun.